Impacting Value:

How Marketing Drives Business Innovation & Growth


November 27, 2007

10:00 am Registration Opens
12:00 pm Networking Luncheon
13:00 pm Keynote Address “Global Trends and Challenges for Marketers: How World Class Companies Are Responding”
13:45 pm Track 1 Nobody cares about Marketing Messages - The End of "One Voice to the Customer"?
14:30 pm Track 2 Secure the Trust & Integrity of Your Brand: Limiting Brand Liability and Vulnerability Through Data Security
15:15 pm Break
15:45 pm Track 3 The Three Greatest Business Lies and How to Translate These into Real Business Success
16:30 pm Track 4 Demand Generation with Digital Marketing Models
17:15 pm Keynote Address “Measuring Brand Equity, Currency and Bottom Line Value”
18:00 pm Cocktail Networking Reception
20:00 pm Gala Dinner

November 28, 2007

9:00 am Keynote Address “How Sales & Marketing Alignment Impacts Business Outcomes”
9:45 am Track 5 Boardroom Backing: Gaining Marketing Credibility and Clout Through Business Strategy Leadership
10:30 am Track 6 If You Had 20% Less Marketing Budget, Would You Know Where to Cut and Why?
11:15 am Break
11:45 pm Track 7 Marketing Performance Measurement (MPM) Systems
12:30 pm Track 8 Using Old Media Tools for New Media Marketing
13:15 pm Keynote Speaker Panel Discussion: Media Spend of the Future
14:00 pm Networking Lunch