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Elite Retreat:

Less Burn, More Return


11.26.07 - AT&T, Allstate, Farmers, Nortel, and Oracle Executives Address Pressing Strategic Marketing Issues at CMO Summit
Two Dynamic Headline Sessions to Address Power of Analytics and Rethinking Global Marketing Operational Models. Read more

11.12.07 - CEOs of P&G's Tremor Unit and Community Analytics Share Views on Word-of-Mouth Advocacy and Influence Networks at CMO Council Summit
Steve Knox, long-time Procter & Gamble sales and marketing executive and CEO of the company's internal Tremor agency, will be among the headliners at the 2007 Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Summit on December 12 and 13 in Sonoma, California. Tremor operates the powerful VocalPoint grassroots consumer panel of 500,000 moms, known as "connectors," who bring broad and deep social networks and a passion for spreading news. Read more

10.17.07 - Marketers Confront Brand America to Unlock Potential in Growing Global Business
CMO Summit Keynote Speaker, "Rebuilding Brand America" Author Dick Martin, to Delve into the State of America's Brand Promise and How Marketers Can Safeguard Global Business. Read more

10.04.07 - Less Burn, More Return: CMO Council Gathers the Elite in Marketing to Address How to Allocate, Advocate, and Account for Marketing Spend
The CMO Summit Becomes an Elite Retreat to Frame Best Practices to Eliminate the Agony of Allocation and Map the Optimized Marketing Operational Model. Read more