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Elite Retreat:

Less Burn, More Return


Wednesday, December 12

Opening Keynote Address

Fixing the Broken Marketing Machine

David Egan • VP, Business Development and Marketing • LeveragePoint

Steve Hoch • Director, Marketing Planning & Strategy • Cisco

Panel Headline Presentation

Mapping New Marketing Operational Models

Helen McGrath • VP of Market and Competitive Assessment for Business • AT&T
Peter Finter • VP Global Market Strategy & Operations • Nortel
Scott Clawson • Vice President, Global Advertising and Online • Oracle Corporation

Interactive Invention Workshop

Mapping New Marketing Operational Models

John F. Williams • President • Mud Worldwide

This interactive session will map the optimal Operational Marketing Model for companies in different stages of growth and across diverse business sectors. Gather knowledge from other leading multi-national marketers on how they are operating worldwide and find out more about their experience in unifying and streamlining marketing systems, policies and procedures. More»

Closing Remarks

Marketing is from Mars, Sales is from Venus

Dr. Drew Stevens • International Consultant & Lecturer
• Author of Split Second Selling and Split Customer Service



How to bring these two galaxies together in one self-sustaining business world will be the topic of this brief address by Drew Stevens Ph.D., a career sales and customer service professional with over 25 years of experience. He will also speak to the relevance and scope of the new Coalition to Leverage and Optimize Sales Effectiveness (CLOSE) campaign being launched by the CMO Council with underwriting and support from Oracle and the Wall Street Journal.

His consulting firm, Getting to the Finish Line, has attracted clients such American International Group, Hilton Hotels, AT&T, The Federal Reserve Bank, Reliv International, The New York Times, Mercy Health Plans Quicken Loans and over 500 other leading organizations.

Dr. Stevens is an instructor with Webster University and Maryville University's Graduate School of Business and holds frequent marketing and selling seminars with Webster University's Center for Professional Development. He holds a Ph.D. in Organization and Management with an emphasis in talent management and workplace productivity.

His prolific publishing includes over 150 articles on sales and selling strategy and four books including Split Second Selling, Spilt Second Customer Service and Little Book of Hope. Some of his works appear in Chinese and Hindi.


Incumbent Channel Champs vs. New Media Contenders


Steve Buerger
• President/Chief Strategy Officer • Starcom USA

David Wachtel
• VP of Marketing and Business Development • The Wall Street Journal

Pieter de Villiers • Co-founder and CEO • Clickatell
Kevin Ryan • VP, Global Content Director • Search Engine Strategies and Search Engine Watch

Ellis Booker • Editor • BtoB and BtoB's Media Business

The CMO Council brings you the budget battle royale, a no-holds-barred rumble for allocation supremacy and survival. Whose budgets will be slashed? Who will emerge as the ROI Champ? As interactive budgets grow and mobile marketers make their case for increased spend, how will newspapers and print media counter to regain the title? Don't count out radio and cable.but can they hold up against the assault from online viral campaigns - known for below the belt and stealthy attacks. Who will have the will to win? More»

Thursday, December 13

Opening Keynote Address

Steve Knox • CEO • Procter & Gamble Tremor

Panel Headline Presentation

Understanding and Actioning on the Value of Analytics: Improving Business Impact & Outcome

Murli Buluswar
• Vice President, Insight And Innovation • Farmers Insurance
Pablo G. Azar • Vice President, Marketing Strategy • Allstate Insurance Company
Dhiraj Rajaram • Founder and CEO • Mu-Sigma

Fred Neil • Former VP of Strategic Marketing & Decision Support • CDW

Many global marketing organizations lack, or are hindered in, the ability to integrate, analyze and extract insight from multiple internal and external databases and real-time data streams. Siloed information, unreliable data, limited IT resources and the difficulty of finding and financing resources with quantitative marketing analytics skills is challenging CMOs to better detect, predict and react to market opportunities and shifts. Making smarter, more penetrating and substantiated marketing decisions is driven by effective use of data analytics and real-time market intelligence gathering. Marketing's credibility and influence with management is directly related to it's ability to track, measure, quantify and represent the value of marketing and its impact on the acquisition, retention and recovery of business. Predictive modeling, forecasting/simulation and campaign measurement and management have become critical elements in strategic market and business planning. Senior executives from Farmers Insurance and Allstate Insurance will touch on many of the benefits and use of marketing analytics applications in segmentation, sizing, customer life time valuation, prospect identification and qualification, cross-sell/up-sell, churn and retention tracking, brand equity measurement, marketing mix modeling, spend and offer optimization, pricing etc.

Exploration, Crystallization and Presentations of Advocacy, Allocation and Accountability for Marketing Spend:

Breakout Invention Sessions

How should marketers best advocate, allocate and regulate marketing spend as companies expand globally and face more choices and challenges in where and how they invest in demand generation, customer experience, retention and brand building? With a major shift to "Adaptive Spend Strategies and Practices," the annual budgeting exercise is being transformed into a continuous, year long process of spend calibration and flexibility. The need for adaptive spend is being driven by global sales pipeline requirements, evolving competitive challenges, pricing and promotional developments, business issues and incidents, channel sell-through priorities, as well as opportunistic revenue-generating situations or partnerships. The CMO Summit will tackle this evolving allocation issue through a dynamic series of small, breakaway group invention sessions for a full day of interaction and workshop style discussion on optimal approaches to better allocate, adapt and advance the value of marketing spend. Teams will be challenged to identify the key forces and factors that influence and shape the size and distribution of marketing budgets, including cultural, political, historical, and organizational planning. More»



  • Using Marketing, Customer and Business Analytics to Formulate and Adjust Spend
    John Petralia • SVP of Marketing • Iron Mountain
    Helen McGrath • VP of Market and Competitive Assessment for Business • AT&T
  • New Technologies, Channels And Changes Shaping & Influencing Marketing Spend
    Christine Heckart • General Manager of Marketing • Microsoft TV
    Vince Ferraro • VP of Worldwide Marketing LaserJet Printer Business • Hewlett-Packard
  • Demand Generation And Acquisition Vs. Branding And Retention Programs
    Page Murray • VP, Marketing • Comcast
    Peter Horst • SVP, Brand Marketing • Capital One


Luncheon Keynote Presentation

Rebuilding Brand America


Dick Martin • Author and Former EVP of Public Relations,
Employee Communications and Brand Management • AT&T

As business looks to expand globally, regional perceptions on the state of the American brand promise can drastically shape and alter how "American" companies are perceived. If a region harbors distinctly negative perceptions of the American brand promise, will that negative belief taint the brand message of a company that is viewed as distinctly red-white-and-blue? Dick Martin, noted author and long time marketing and communications leader, will share how the current state of America's brand perception can affect business practice - and how marketers can safeguard their brands and prosper, even in uncertain political times. His most recent tome, Rebuilding Brand America, is an unflinching and vivid look at anti-Americanism, from the earliest days of its formation in Colonial times to current government and private attempts to mitigate it. In his Summit keynote address, Martin will look at brand recovery efforts and the most important must-have best practices of all global business leaders.

Closing Keynote Address

Using Trusted Networks and Influence Groups to Drive Advocacy Sales


Myra Norton • CEO • Community Analytics LLC®

Harvesting the Power of Human Networks ® has become a strategic imperative for marketers seeking to more cost-efficiently drive demand and increase market receptivity and adoption. Fundamental to this is the need to uncover the relationships of trust and advice seeking among customer communities and know where and how to plug into these active agents and advocates. Community Analytics ® is a research organization based in the principles of social networking. Founded in 2004 and fueled by the desire to understand the evolution of networks, Community Analytics ® set out to bridge the gap between industries and the communities they serve. A study by the Baltimore-based firm, which works with Fortune 500 companies in a variety of industries, reveals that more than 80% of the Key Influencers among their customer communities are unknown to them. Community Analytics ® conducts ongoing research with its clients and leading academic institutions to quantify the economic impact of Influence Networks on both sales and marketing efforts. By focusing on the significance of peer networks the team is able to understand the critical role that relationships play in advice seeking during the decision making process. Closing keynote presenter Myra Norton will present greater insights into the role and value of identifying and mining Influence Networks to increase advocacy, uptake and revenue.

Closing Remarks

Brand Advocacy through Viral Conversations and Virtual Communities


Bob Pearson • Vice President of Communities and Conversations • Dell

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