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Elite Retreat:

Less Burn, More Return


Fight Night at the Summit

Incumbent Channel Champs vs. New Media Contenders
Wednesday, December 12

In The Red Corner. The Incumbents

Headlines blaze the impending doom and decline of traditional advertising budgets. A recent study heralded the death of TV, predicting that the Internet would dethrone TV as the primary vehicle for video consumption. For many, traditional media outlets are a medium in need of life-support, plagued with a glass chin against an opponent with a rock hard left hook. Will these lumbering giants be able to withstand the onslaught of the nimble newcomers…or will the years of proven success and consumer loyalty give the incumbents the strategic edge that only time can provide.

Representing the Incumbents will be representatives from:

  • Business Media Association
  • Radio Advertising Bureau
  • Newspaper Publishers Association
  • Magazine Publishers Association
  • Cable Television Association

In the Blue Corner: The Contenders
For every dollar spent in new media, 10 are spent in traditional media channels. The reality is that while buzz grows for these young media tigers, the established media channels still command the larger purse. Another mark against the new challengers is the continued belief from consumers that mediums like television and magazines are the most effective brand builders. It doesn’t matter that consumers are spending more time on the internet when they still rely on traditional channels to actually make their decisions. How can these young guns change the battle and redefine branding and loyalty to work in their favor? Is new media all buzz or is it truly lightning in a bottle?

Representing the Contenders will be representatives from:

  • Interactive Advertising Bureau
  • Search Engine Strategies
  • Mobile Marketing Association
  • Word-of-Mouth Marketing Association
  • Direct Marketing Association

Join us on the opening night of the 2007 CMO Council North America Summit for Fight Night. This debate over dollars is sure to be an entertaining session that will set the stage for the conversations about budget allocation and spend. While the end game will be to develop a connected and fully integrated media campaign that married the new with the old, the debate over merits and value is sure to be akin to 12-round title bout.

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