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Elite Retreat:

Less Burn, More Return


Spend Advocacy, Allocation & Accountability
General Session Ballroom

Drawn from the results of the CMO Council’s 2008 Marketing Outlook study, specific areas of conversation have been designed to inspire thinking on new areas of marketing spend consideration have been segmented to encourage platform development through shared best practices. These areas range from content syndication, customer engagement communities and affinity networks, market access through Internet and digital channels, authority leadership marketing, personalized communications, virtual events, viral word-of-mouth and referral campaigns, ambush and guerilla strategies, sponsorships and experiential marketing programs. Attendees will group into invention teams, led by members of the CMO Council Advisory Board, to discuss issues, develop best practices and advocacy platforms, and will present the position to the general session. Individual invention session topics include:



  • Using Marketing, Customer and Business Analytics to Formulate and Adjust Spend
    John Petralia • SVP of Marketing • Iron Mountain
    Helen McGrath • VP of Market and Competitive Assessment for Business • AT&T
  • New Technologies, Channels And Changes Shaping & Influencing Marketing Spend
    Christine Heckart • General Manager of Marketing • Microsoft TV
    David Lawee • VP, Marketing • Google
  • Demand Generation And Acquisition Vs. Branding And Retention Programs
    Page Murray • VP, Marketing • Comcast
    Peter Horst • SVP, Brand Marketing • Capital One



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