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December 10 – 11, 2008
Northern California
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Marketing Planning with a Plan
Opening Keynote Address - December 10, 2:30 pm
Dr. Ralf Strauss, Head of CRM Marketing & CRM Global Product Management, SAP Germany

The CMO Summit will kick off with a discussion of where the success of many marketing programs begin—mapping and defining effective marketing strategy and planning. Dr. Ralf Strauss, Global Head of Product Management for CRM Marketing at SAP and author of Marketing Planning by Design: Systematic Planning for Successful Marketing Strategy will deliver a kick-off keynote address to spark thinking about the critical decisions made in the planning and strategy stages can create and plan for revenue optimization to combat recessionary influences and market disruptions. Strauss will leverage his experiences as the head of marketing for the world's largest business software company, having served as the head of marketing for SAP Germany, with responsibilities for planning strategic initiatives across sales and marketing as well as a leadership role in the reorganization of SAP Germany.


Individualized Relationship Marketing (IRM): The Payback from Personalization
Panel Headline Presentation - December 10, 3:15 pm
Sandra Zoratti, Vice President, Global Solutions Marketing, InfoPrint Solutions Company
Peter Horst, Senior Vice President, Brand Marketing, Capital One

According to recent studies, a top strategy that marketers will leverage to optimize customer value will be personalized, measurable, highly targeted communications. The need for meaningful customer engagement to activate loyalty is increasing just as the global economy is setting the stage for tighter budgets and streamlined programs and operations. However, there are solutions and best practices that can turn operational documents into powerful channels of communication and engagement. What makes personalization meaningful and resonant? What measures and metrics will determine the ROI and impact of these programs? How can these channels of engagement be further monetized to realize maximum revenue potential from customers and partners? Hear how brand marketers are driving deeper interactions and communications through targeted, timely and personalized communications. Best practices will be shared from thought leaders at the forefront of Precision Promotion solutions.


Calibrate How You Operate: Tire-kicking the New Marketing Operational Model
Interactive Workshop Session - December 10, 4:15 pm
Introduction by Bob Barker, Vice President of Corporate Marketing, Alterian

How do you optimally structure, resource, and run today’s digitally driven, customer-centric, globally distributed, cross-cultural marketing organization? While marketers are looking to streamline costs through optimized operations while at the same time looking to increasing growth opportunity through cross functional alignments and acquisition of new talent, skills and competencies, the structure to today’s optimized marketing operation has yet to be defined. The CMO Council has embarked on an ambitious program focused on the development of a new model for globally aligning, unifying, managing and tracking sales, marketing, channel and customer relationship activities. It will also identify the integrated platform, disciplines, methodologies, tools and solutions/hosted services required to improve functional integration, output, accountability and effectiveness. This interactive workshop session, led by the CMO Summit’s Group Invention Leaders, will test, challenge, support and contribute to the development of this model.


The Sweetest Route to Revenue
Keynote Address - December 10, 5:30 pm
Deborah Holt, Vice President of Marketing, Ciao Bella Gelato

Ciao Bella, known for their hyper-create flavors and whimsical/exotic ingredient combinations, began in 1983 in Little Italy, New York. Once only available in a small store front and select gourmet NY restaurants, Ciao Bella has seen demand increase so dramatically that it has been deemed the “Little Global Brand that Could.” Today, Ciao Bella is available in over 4,000 retailers nationwide, with plans for expansion in major retailers like Safeway, Shaw’s and Costco stores, and continues to open markets internationally. Accolades continue to roll in for this small company including being featured in BusinessWeek’s “Small Company, Big Brand” report, was named a Brand on the Verge by Brandweek, and even made the ultimate Brand-Maker, the Oprah Favorite Things list in 2007. Fast growth and high demand has forced the company to open new Routes to Revenue, opening the potential for missteps and miscalculations. VP of Marketing, Deborah Holt, will be sharing how this small brand committed to the same level of excellence that a small store front affords has become a leading player in specialty foods, and a brand to be reckoned with.


Turning Fan Following Into Brand Following
Keynote Address - December 10, 7:00 pm
Tom Page, Director, Brand Events & Activation, Kodak
Dan Courtemanche, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Communications, Major League Soccer
Chris Maloney, Chief Marketing Officer, Scottrade
Malcolm Bordelon, Executive Vice President of Business Operations, San Jose Sharks
Joe Januszewski, Vice President, Corporate Partnerships, Boston Red Sox

When you strip away the passion of fans, excitement of the game and the thrill of athletic feats and victories have faded, you see that sports represents a $213 billion dollar industry. According to Street & Smith’s Sports Business Journal, over $27 billion was spent in advertising, nearly $900 million in athlete endorsements, nearly $7 billion in media rights, and a staggering $6.4 billion spent on sponsorships. Sports, as an industry, has always represented a give-and-take: while it makes over $10 billion in the sale of licensed product, it also revives sagging markets like travel with $16 billion being spent by groups going to and from organized events. But, with all of this investment and the serious dollars being discussed, how does this translate into customer loyalty for the sponsor brand? Can a single sport turn a die-hard fan into a brand-fanatic? Hear from both sides of the issue as we invite brand marketers who have first hand knowledge of sports spending and sport league and team marketers who are looking to help brands reach captive audiences.


Your Quickest Route to Revenue: Anticipating Customer Behavior
Opening Keynote Address - December 11, 8:30 am
Colin Shearer, Senior Vice President of Market Strategy, SPSS

Widely regarded as a pioneer in the field of data mining, Shearer's insights into how marketers can better understand, analyze and model the inclinations and likely intentions and actions of customers could not come at a better time. Shearer's keynote will address the challenges today's marketers face in mining and analyzing customer data, and how they can identify patterns and behaviors that can improve prospect targeting and acquisition effectiveness. This level of "predictive modeling" is essential to harvesting the most valuable opportunities and realizing the greatest revenue and lifetime value of the customer.


Marketing in the Era of the Mega-Merger
Headline Panel - December 11, 9:15 am
Engelina Jaspers, Vice President of Corporate Marketing, HP
Kim Johnston, Vice President of Sales and Marketing Operations, Symantec
Vance Williams LaVelle, SVP, Marketing, Sales & Service and Chief Retention Officer, SIRIUS XM Satellite Radio
Moderator: Dave Couture, Principal, Sales & Marketing Practice, Deloitte

Global mega-mergers across multiple industries--like banking, telecommunications, retail, media, entertainment and technology—can be seen as a catalyst to revenue generation, creating larger, leaning corporate giants who are streamlining marketing organizations and consolidating marketing supply chains. Mega-mergers can also imply a clashing of corporate cultures and messaging, creating potentially confusing customer engagements that can negatively impact customer experience and loyalty. Join top decision-makers who are in the thick of new demands and pressures as more and more corporate marriages take center stage in an embattled economy where "shake-out" is on the lips of all. Gain insights into how mega-mergers require marketers to reassure customers, integrate and unify communications, rationalize marketing groups, and anticipate and pre-empt competitive threats and channel defections.


Routes to Revenue: Ways to Achieve Topline Growth in Recessionary Times
Interactive Sessions - December 11, 10:00 am

A hallmark of the CMO Summit Elite Retreats have become the intensive workshop sessions, allowing peers to contribute to the development of best practices and strategies to solve challenges marketers are sure to face I the year ahead. Led by the CMO Summit’s Group Invention Leaders, each breakaway invention group will explore a range of revenue optimization strategies, efficiencies and paybacks including:
  • Improved analytics, segmentation and behavioral targeting
  • New market entry and geographic expansion
  • Adjacent market and derivative product development
  • Customer monetization -- upsell, cross-sell, repeat and add-on sales
  • Strategic account penetration and retention programs
  • Reactivation and recovery of lost opportunities or accounts
  • Requalification and actioning on dormant or obsolete leads
  • Product pricing, licensing and portfolio management
  • Channel performance improvements and eCommerce initiatives
  • Partnerships, alliances, joint ventures or acquisitions


Answering the Ultimate Question: Measuring, Monitoring and Actioning on Customer Experience and Engagement
Keynote Address - December 11, 12:00 pm
Richard Owen, Author, Answering the Ultimate Question

In today’s marketplace full of uncertainty and market fluctuation, loyal customers will be at a premium. Word of mouth marketing and “customer experience management” are fast becoming highly effective strategies in the CMO arsenal. Richard Owen, author of Answering the Ultimate Question, will serve as a keynote presenter at the 2008 CMO Summit to discuss the necessity of customer-centric disciplines and methodologies that increase word of mouth and activate loyal customers. Owen, widely regarded as an expert on successfully building stronger customer experiences, will share how major brands like Lego, Apple, Symantec, GE have utilized customer economics and segmentation to maximize customer intimacy.


What ARE Customers Thinking?
Lunch Keynote Address - December 11, 12:30 pm
Michael Tchong, Trend Analyst, Ubercool

Without a doubt, marketers are facing more challenges and roadblocks to success than in recent memory. As headlines herald more struggle and strife on tap for 2009, who is keeping an eye on the customer? Ubertrend analyst, Michael Tchong, has the uncanny skill of seeing into the future. How you might ask? He actually sees where customers are heading and challenges us to sort through the noise and look beyond fabs. Simply, Tchong spots Ubertrends – those “super trends” that are reshaping society in significant ways. For example, Michael shows how his trademark “Time Compression” Ubertrend has turned society into an $87-billion coffee and energy drinks culture. His thought-provoking exploration of the “Digital Lifestyle” shows how the rules of social engagement are being rewritten. Entertaining and provocative, you will leave lunch with a new vision on the customer landscape before you. If you missed spotting the onset of “Voyeurgasm” then this session is not to be missed!


Changing the Game: The Road Ahead for Marketing
Keynote Address - December 11, 2:00 pm
Peter Dille, Senior Vice President, Marketing and PLAYSTATION® NETWORK

Competition, innovation and high demand in a crowded market typify the gaming industry. With customers constantly craving the latest and greatest, industry players like Sony Playstation have made an art of defining, unearthing and realizing greater revenue from new customer segments. Once the undisputed champion of the gaming arena, Playstation has recently come up against heavy competition as Nintendo and Microsoft both vie for market share. However, Sony Playstation has continued to change the game by tapping into the power of Web 2.0 connectivity with the introduction of the Playstation Network, an online community for gamers that offers exclusive add-ons, unique content and premium movies and TV shows only available to Playstation Network members. Playstation has merged the passion of its audience with a lucrative online network that allows the company to communicate with their core customer, immediately action on customer feedback, and continue to realize optimized revenue potential. Peter Dilley, Senior Vice President, Marketing and PLAYSTATION®Network, will share his experiences dating back to the introduction of the Playstation console in 1995, and provide insights into how this gaming giant has managed to open revenue streams, support customer voice, and continue to stay vital, relevant and innovative in an eco system where the game is always changing.


Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value
Closing Keynote Address - December 11, 4:45 pm
Murli Buluswar, Vice President, Insight And Innovation, Farmers Insurance

Realizing full customer lifetime value is more than an individual program or measurement, it is the adoption of a organizational shift towards true customer-centricity. As the head of the Insight & Innovation team at Farmer’s Insurance, Murli Buluswar understands the challenge, but more importantly, the imperative for change. Buluswar will share how Farmer’s instituted programs and methodologies designed to improve and optimize customer experience, including altering how, when and what is communicated to customers. Developing a customer-centric organization is one of the most critical strategies a marketer can leverage to optimize revenue. This in-depth case study will reveal best practices, lessons learned and models of engagement that can be translated and implemented to impact bottom line growth.