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On December 9, 2010, nearly 100 marketing leaders gathered in San Jose, Calif., for the CMO Council’s 2010 CMO Summit.  After a day of engaging speakers and lively panelist discussion, some of the  nation's top marketers walked away with fresh thinking on where and how they could better engage colleagues across the C-Suite. This elite retreat brought marketers together to share insights, exchange thought leadership, but most importantly, to shine a light on where and how the role of the CMO will advance  and grow in the year ahead.
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Opening Comments: The State of the CMO Council

Attendees were greeted by Donovan Neale-May, executive director of the CMO  Council, who in his “State of the CMO Council” address, shared comments on the current state of the global marketing industry and the CMO Council's objective: to provide a forum for  global thought exchange. Donovan was then joined by Jan Soderstrom, Chair of the CMO Council Advisory Board, who welcomed guests from the perspective of a peer - a CMO who has battled through the global recession and is now at the center of corporate growth strategy.
Includes 2MP3 files and 1 PDF file

9 audio files (MP3) and 10 PDF files

  • Opening Comments: The State of the CMO Council (Donovan Neale-May) – 1 PDF and 1MP3
  • Introduction (Jan Soderstrom) – 1MP3
  • Full Summit Program – PDF
  • Keynote Presentations (Perry Kamel, Steve Jones, Chris Hummel) – 2MP3 and 3PDF
  • Speaker Panels – 5 MP3 and 5PDF

2 audio files(MP3) and 3 PDF files
The undisputed highlights of the CMO Council's 2010 CMO Summit were the keynote presentations. Rife with insights, personal anecdotes and industry genius, the speeches were riveting and not to be missed.

  • Perry  Kamel of Accenture Interactive
  • Steve Jones of (r)evolution, former CMO of Coca-Cola and former President of Minute Maid
  • Chris Hummel of  Siemens-Enterprise Communications.

5 audio files (MP3) and 5 PDF files
The CMO Council's 2010 CMO Summit hosted five panels, where participating senior marketers explored more specific concerns within subjects such as Customer Experience, Marketing Effectiveness and Operational Efficiency. Each of these panels were also followed by informative Q&A sessions.

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This year, the CMO Summit headed to San Jose, CA, The Capitol of Silicon Valley. Located at the southern most point of the San Francisco Bay, San Jose is home to some of the biggest names in business, and now, it will welcome some of the biggest names in Marketing. Get to know the host city, and learn how you can make your way to San Jose.


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