CMO Summit 2015

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CMO Rising: The New Executive Mandate

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Monday, December 7, 2:15 PM
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Martyn Etherington @Etherington_CMO

CMO | EVP | Chief of Staff | Board Member
CMO Council

As the former Chief Marketing Officer and Chief of Staff for Mitel Networks, Martyn Etherington was responsible for providing strategic direction for Mitel products, solutions and services, in addition to presenting the Mitel brand worldwide. He also had oversight for a number of operational functions, including strategic planning and deployment, business operations and the company-wide Lean/continuous improvement office. Guiding the company's focus to be customer-driven (outside-in), Etherington helped to lead the transformation of Mitel from a PBX/telco provider to the leading cloud, software-as-a-service and mobile solutions provider it is today. Since making this shift, the company has experienced a dramatic increase in its profile, revenue and share price. Also known for his industry leadership, Etherington was recently recognized by The Economist as one of the Top 25 Social Business Leaders, by Forbes as one of the Top 50 Marketers, by BtoB Magazine as one of the World's Best Marketers, and by The Internationalist as one of the top International Marketers of 2015. His work has been profiled in multiple books on marketing, including John Ellett’s The CMO Manifesto, Dr. Dave Chaffey's E-Marketing Excellence, and by MIT Sloan Management Review (September 2014). With more than 25 years of experience with multinational technology companies—including Mitel, Tektronix/Danaher, IBM/Sequent and Digital Equipment Corporation—Etherington is an industry-recognized, award-winning executive with outstanding success in delivering top-line, brand and market share growth in both domestic and international markets. Etherington serves as Chair of Portland State University School of Business and on the boards of the CMO Council, CauseTech (in partnership with UNICEF), MyPlanet (digital solutions service provider), and CultureSphere (mobile, social employee advocacy platform).