CMO Summit 2015


Jacqueline Hernández

CMO, NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises


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Panel Discussion:
Define How the CMO Should Align + Combine in the C-Suite: The CMO as a Force Multiplier and Functional Integrator Across the Enterprise

Date & Time:
Monday, December 7, 3:45 PM
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The CMO as a Change Agent—Where the Customer Is Front and Center

Jacqueline Hernandez, CMO, NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises, shares her thoughts about how CMOs can drive change amid constant evolution in the marketing field.

Change agents and game changers are the people who are driving the future—regardless of the letters in the title—and the CMO is in an amazing place to be that driver of change because CMOs have always been ambidextrous in what they do. We take art, science research, data, creativity and storytelling and combine them, which makes us very versatile. When working to stay ahead of the curve with technology advancements, to improve ways to connect with consumers, and to identify new trends and business or financial models, CMOs should continually be looking to continue driving change and bring the rest of the company forward with that change.

Technology has completely altered the scope of marketing and business as a whole, but it is important to view this change as both a challenge and an opportunity. If you position your company to be customer-centric organization, then you have infinite possibilities to connect with them. We know that consumers are on multiple devices and multiple channels at different times of the day, and the CMO in particular has the chance to be the storyteller who delivers the right message at every point of connection.

CMOs really have an opportunity to step up to the corner office. Right now, CEOs are individuals who are able to understand, anticipate and create change. It’s no longer a mentality of “here’s the business model, and may the most successful business leaders achieve results.” Rather, it’s about those who can find unique products and services that speak to consumers that set them apart. It means being a creative business leader—which a CMO is, by default—and being able to understand market trends and what the consumer is doing while connecting the business model with the consumer. The ability to do this across all platforms is almost like the ability to speak many different languages. You can see the similarities between the different ways to connect and how those augment and complement one another.

This is a really exciting time—one that is full of a lot of questions for CMOs to help answer, for CMOs to drive change, and for us to ignite creativity and thinking as we continue to figure out how to connect and where we’re going as an industry. It’s time to push the bar for measurement, metrics and effectiveness to improve and demonstrate results.


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